Frequenty Asked Questions

General Information:

What is eKarma?
eKarma is an online retail shop which allows you to donate to your favourite charity by shopping online. eKarma is a social enterprise and is based on the principles of ‘karma’ and ’giving it forward’. eKarma is a unique and a new way of raising funds for charities that doesn't cost anything for charities or individuals supporting these charities.

You can shop for thousands of brands on eKarma via our partner sites who pay eKarma a commission of 50% of which is given to your nominated charity.

Who’s behind eKarma?
eKarma was started by Kim and Pankaj, a social entrepreneurial couple, who believed they can use their skills and expertise to raise funds for charities and causes across Australia. Their philosophy and belief in ‘karma’ and ‘giving it forward are the reason for eKarma’s existence.

What is eKarma’s Vision and Mission?
eKarma’s vision is to create a ‘It’s Good To Do Good’ way of life for individuals, companies and charities.

eKarma is on a mission to raise more milliosn for charities and causes in the coming years, through a structured, sustainable and ever growing e-commerce platform.

What’s eKarma’s fundraising model?
eKarma has re-created a unique affiliate marketing model to work as a fund raising tool for chari-ties. Affiliate programmes are used by online stories who pay a commission for every purchase a customer makes on-line, through the eKarma link to their website.

eKarma receives commission when a customer uses this unique web link to purchase a product or service. eKarma then donates 50% of the commission received to members nominated charity.

People shopping through eKarma do not pay a single cent extra for purchases made via eKarma.

Does it cost me anything extra while shopping via eKarma? No, shopping via eKarma never costs you anything extra. The shops listed on eKarma pay a commission to eKarma because you made a purchase via the eKarma website. eKarma, as part of its philosophy of ‘giving it forward’ donates 50% of the commission to your nominated charity.

Can I add a charity? And How ?
If you are working in a charity and are authorised to raise funds for your charity then register your charity with here. If you are a supporter of a charity then please email

What is eKarma’s revenue model?
eKarma is a social enterprise and donates 50% of the commission it receives to your nominated charity. With the balance of 50% only eKarma continues to create and develop a sustainable and structured innovative fund-raising platform which supports charities for free.

eKarma believes in communicating its revenue model and structure up-front in order to create and maintain a high level of ethical and moral work standards.

What is a social enterprise and what are their benefits?
Social enterprises are businesses that trade to generate revenue and deliver a social impact. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 social enterprises in Australia. Social entrepreneurs are the individuals who are often behind the creation of social enterprises. However, social entrepreneurs are not limited to social enterprise. They employ the best model to further their social mission. These models can include social enterprise, for-profit, not-for-profit, grassroots volunteer projects and campaigns to create systemic change.

About my account on eKarma:

Do I need to register on eKarma? And Why ?
Yes, as a registered member of eKarma you can track the amount of money you have raised for your favourite charity. Your registration will also help us keep you updated about the weekly spe-cials and offers that are listed by our affiliate businesses.

What are the weekly offers eKarma will email me ?
eKarma will email special deals and discounts from the biggest brands in Australia and worldwide to all registered members. Each week you will receive details about the best offers and deals, helping you to save money and raise money for your nominated charity.

How secure is my information and is it private?
eKarma is a social enterprise based on the philosophy of Karma. Our mission is to raise funds for your charities via e-commerce. Thus, eKarma will never sell or release your information to third parties. Please check the eKarma Privacy Policy for more information.

Is eKarma free to join?
Yes, eKarma is free for charities, supporters and shoppers.

Can I change the charity I support?
Yes, in order to change the charity that receives donations simply go into your account and change your charity.


What is the process to register my charity?
The process to register your charity is very simple. If you are working in a charity and are the authorised person to raise funds for your charity then register your charity with

What is the process to recommend a charity if I don't work for a charity?
If you are a supporter or volunteer of a charity and would like to see your favourite charity on eKarma then email us at

When does a charity get paid?
We pay charities the total amount their supporters have raised each month, as long as the amount raised is greater than $50. If the amount is less than $50 the amount rolls over to the next month.

How can we promote eKarma to our supporters so we raise more money for our charity?
eKarma will initiate and collaborate with your charity to run co-branded promotions on eKarma and on eKarma social media assets. Your charity will also be provided with various tools and resources to help promote it. This infor-mation will include emails, images and social media assets which can be used to promote eKarma to staff, supporters and volunteers. We will also share a guide on how to show your supporters they can donate more to you; all without asking them to spend a single cent extra.


Are my donations tax deductible?
No, at present since the donations are made via eKarma, they are not tax deductible.

What is the process if my purchases haven't been tracked?
eKarma has engaged with the leading affiliate marketing associates to ensure high level of professionalism and accountability. Thus all purchases are tracked as long as they are purchased via eKarma. These purchases are tracked within 5 days. If for some unforeseen reason your transaction hasn't registered within 30 days then please contact us at and we will get back to you within 5 working days to resolve the issue.

What is the payment cycle for the donations to reach my charity
It may take between 2 to 3 months for the merchants to pay us the commission but once paid eKarma will pay charities every month, as long as the amount raised is greater than $50. If the amount is less than $50 the amount will roll over to the next month.


If I have a problem with a purchase, who do I contact?
As eKarma is the gateway for you to raise funds for a nominated charity, the delivery and fulfilment of your order will be looked after by the partner online store directly. eKarma will have no authority or responsibility related to the purchase.

Do I need to register with the online store?
Anytime you click onto another online store you may need to log into their system. eKarma is the gateway for you to connect with leading online stores so you can purchase your favourite prod-uct/service while donating money to charity.