Our Story

It was living in India which gave Pankaj and Kim Sharma the inspiration for eKarma.

They were keen couch surfer hosts, regularly inviting international travellers into their home and making them feel welcome in a foreign country. These new friends would be picked up from the airport, offered a bed, and invited to share a meal with the family. This selflessness led the couple to new friendships which grew from their hospitality. After three years they had helped more than 65 families. Following their move to Australia, the couple experienced what could be seen as karmic repayment for all their goodwill. Pankaj and Kim were humbled by their own experiences meeting strangers willing to guide, support and help the couple settle in to their new life. Karma repaid them for their own generosity.

Pankaj began his corporate life again with a Western Australian cinema chain, involving himself in charity fund-raising events regularly, but raising only small amounts despite working many hours. Pankaj and his wife Kim also volunteered their time to plan a large scale charity event for the Rotary Club of Perth whereby 50+ volunteers put in hundreds of working hours with little return.

Disappointed in these results Pankaj knew there had to be a more sustainable way of raising funds for those in need. His search for a charitable fund-raising concept which didn’t cost people time and energy began.

The eureka moment for the couple was mid-2014. By combining the daily shopping requirements we all have, with the karmic idea of giving a little something for nothing, eKarma was born. It’s an online shopping platform using the power of technology to raise funds, with no cost to the customer. It’s karma for the digital age.

eKarma. Shop & Do Good.