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Say "Hello" to the eKarma team

Karma: ˈkɑːmə,ˈkəːmə
Noun: The sum of a person's actions, viewed as deciding their fate; good luck, viewed as resulting from one's actions.

The notion of karma is what drove husband and wife team Pankaj and Kim Sharma to set up the charity eKarma in 2014. By encouraging individuals to make one small positive change, the cumulative benefits for the community could be huge.

These are the people who believe we can all help make a positive difference. These are the people of eKarma.

eKarma was started by husband and wife team

Pankaj Sharma


Pankaj has an extensive background in business development and marketing, working for both local and international companies. A driven social-entrepreneur he has always aspired to do more for the community on a global level, and endeavours to practice the philosophy of karma on a daily basis.

Pankaj has a passion for travel and is an avid sports fan. When not running eKarma, he can be found running the pitches with his local soccer team.

An avid sports fan, who also loves to travel, Pankaj can be found running the pitches with his local soccer team or running e-karma. His passion, his purpose.

Kim Soans Sharma


Kim is the inspiration behind e-karma. Originally from India Kim understands the differences that exist between third and first world countries, and that change starts with one thought, one idea and one person taking action.

Quiet but not silent Kim is the back-bone for all ventures started by the energetic couple. Travelling the journey, navigating the map but not always steering Kim aspires to always give more than she receives.

Kim, a lover of Muay Thai, is an avid traveller, loves to sky dive and keeps the connection with India alive through her Indian cooking venture At Home with the Sharma’s

Neil Gibson


Neil is a web technologist that specialises in ecommerce applications. As well as being co-founder and director of East Perth web development business, CVW Creative, he is a serial entrepreneur with a number of successful social and community start-ups under his belt. Neil brings 20 years of experience within the online sector to the eKarma project.